With the fast-paced evolution of the music industry due to technological advancements, companies are increasingly finding it difficult to keep and remain relevant. It’s such a feat that Roland Corporation Company has not only achieved by not only staying relevant but also spearheading the evolution through its groundbreaking innovations that have set the industry standards for decades. Headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan we hold the distinction of being the first Japanese musical instrument manufacturing company to be ISO9002 certified. Founded in 1972 in Osaka as an electronic musical instrument making company, we have expanded our operations to include marketing of electronic instruments. We have also specialized in electronic music instruments importation and exportation to our ever-expanding client base.

Roland History

Roland Corporation began as a startup that specialized primarily in rhythm machines, organs, sound effects machines, and guitar amplifiers. The company’s founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi, later founded MEG Electronics Corporation in 1973. The company which then changed its name to BOSS Corporation specializes in sound effects. Since its founding, Roland has expanded its brand through strategic marketing and positioning by opening new sales and distribution partners, companies and manufacturing outlets nationally and overseas. In 1972, we opened our first sales offices in Osaka and Tokyo before expanding to Nagoya in 1975. Over the years, our nationwide sales and distribution network has developed to Fukuoka and Yokohama. The growing market for our products necessitated the opening of new manufacturing outlets and factories in Hosoe where we are headquartered, and Hamamatsu following the completion of our R&D center in 1990 and Miyakoda factory seven years later. Our brand expansion overseas began with a sales partnership in Australia in 1976 and in U.S.A in 1978 where we also opened a factory specializing in classic-organ manufacturing in 1988. Since then, we have expanded our overseas presence in Netherlands, Hungary, Taiwan, France, Brazil, Belgium and Italy among others. In 2018, BOSS Corporation was merged with our main business line to form a single corporation.

Roland Product Lines

The brand has been synonymous with music industry trends for over four decades. The company has set industry standards with its innovative line of products including synthesizers such as D-50 Synthesizer and E-20 Arranger Keyboard which gained significant popularity worldwide among artists and music lovers. The company’s electric guitars are internationally acclaimed for their innovative tones. Other products include organs, electronic amplifiers, accordion, drums, and pianos. The use of innovative technologies has seen our products such as Roland Keyboard, MIDI interface, sound modules, digital sound mixers, and visual synthesizers set the industry standards for decades. The company offers a broad spectrum of synthesizers for sound quality, and performance features making it easy to use. The models suit player’s needs as the keyboards are among the best in the world. Coupled with the variety offered in every spectrum, the company prides itself in being one of the major supporters of the music industry.