Behringer Deepmind 12

Behringer Deepmind 12

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The Deepmind 12 is the first high-spec synth from Behringer and they made sure to pack it full of features and effects.

Behringer is a pioneer in the entry-level market and they are masters at producing quality, affordable products. The Deepmind is their first attempt at putting their own spin on a high-end synthesizer.

The sound engine is impressive with 12 voices and the hybrid analog/digital system will always offer up plenty of power.

The Deepmind’s biggest advantage is its versatility and it will give you anything from vintage analog sounds to wild futuristic tones.

Exploring the Behringer Deepmind 12

The Deepmind is a hybrid analog/digital synth that not only sounds like the real deal but it looks the part as well. It takes a lot of inspiration from vintage synths of yesteryear. It’s clear to see that Behringer had one thing in mind with the Deepmind design spec – power and versatility!

The synth comes with 12 voices, each one consisting of two oscillators, a noise source, and three ADSR envelopes. OSC1 gives you sawtooth and square waves with a choice to combine them. OSC2 uses a square wave generator with variable pulse width modulation options.

In addition to the waveshapes, you also have the ability to select octave ranges and tweak around with pitch modulation in both oscillators. The second oscillator also gives you delicate pitch control that allows you to create subtle detuning and semitone intervals.

The Deepmind is built for fine-tuning and it lets you create delicate nuances for unique and creative sounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for vintage synth sounds or if you’re trying to find some wild new tone. This synth is capable of producing whatever mad idea you throw at it.

In terms of filters, the Deepmind has both 12dB and 24dB VCFs and these are fully resonant. The great part here is that they don’t require an oscillator signal and so can be offered up as a third oscillator . It’s a nice feature that shows how much this synth can push your creative mind further.

The Deepmind comes with an excellent poly section and it’s here that the power of the synth shines. The Unison modes give you the option to layer voices in various ways. You can quickly go from a simple “double up” to a huge 12-stack tower that will give you those big, beefy tones.

The on-board “Drift” feature lets the Deepmind stray away from the straight-edge synth sounds that it creates so well. Using the various drift parameters will allow you to emulate those old vintage analog synths with surprisingly detailed accuracy.

When it comes to effects the Deepmind has plenty of options to get stuck into. The four effects engines contain over 33 high-end algorithms that will instantly give your music that professional lift. Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, Delay, Flanger, and Distortion are all available plus many more.

The effects engines are inspired by iconic hardware units of the past and have been tweaked and refined for the modern era. These effects are processed through the Deepmind’s on-board operating system so performance is always consistent and there is no need for patch cables.

Inspired by Iconic Synths

The Deepmind 12 has taken a lot of inspiration from iconic synths such as the OB-6 and the Prophet 6. At just a third of the price of these flagship synths, you might expect a significant reduction in the design and materials but Behringer has managed to keep the quality high.

The synth comes in slightly smaller than expected but still offers a four-octave keyboard with semi-weighted, full-size keys. The overall housing is metal with wooden side panels and we have no complaints there. It looks smart and feels sturdy when in your hands and on the desk.

The front panel does lack the full knob-per-function layout so quick access for some functions is limited. This is due to the smaller size but all other parameters can be accessed via the screen, which is slightly lacking in comparison to other designs we’ve seen over the years.

The Deepmind still has plenty of features under its hood and the ARP/SEQ section is certainly worth a mention. The Arpeggiator is fully-detailed and includes a pattern sequencer of its own with 32 presets and 32 user slots – not to be confused with the main sequencer though!

The Control Sequencer is also fully functional and offers up an impressive 32-step modulation sequence. If you also take into account the portamento, chord memory functions, mod/pitch wheels, you can then start to appreciate the amount of sound control available on this synth.

The Deepmind comes with an integrated power supply and an abundance of input and output options. You have 2 x 1/4″ TRS (main out), 1 x 1/4″ for headphones, and 1 x USB Type B. For MIDI, you have In/Out/Thru/USB and there are also Pedal/CV input options.

We’re not finished just yet though as we need to mention the Wi-Fi connectivity that supports rtpMIDI. All MIDI connections can be active simultaneously meaning the Deepmind can act as a central MIDI hub, passing data between Wi-Fi , USB and MIDI ports which could be very useful!

The Deepmind 12 is a synth that will require some patience for you to learn the more advanced synth techniques hidden under its hood. However, if you do take the time to experiment then the Deepmind will repay you kindly in many weird and wonderful tones!


The Deepmind 12 is a powerful synth that lets you immerse yourself into the sound-making process.

The design was always going to be impressive when the inspiration comes from big-name synths like the Prophet 6 and OB-6.

It doesn’t reach the levels of these high-end designs but we must applaud Behringer’s first attempt.

If you look at the price tag then you can clearly see that this synth is priced a lot less than the synths that inspired it.

Behringer products are renowned for being affordable clones. The Deepmind 12, however, is their first effort in creating a high-end synth of their own.

The package as a whole is definitely worth a further look.

We should see some exciting things from Behringer if they plan to stay this course and break into the high-end synth market over the next few years.

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